Tag dari Azri Azlan

4 names that friends call you : Khairol, Idzham, Bob, Pak Long.

4 things you’ve done in the last 30 minutes :TV, makan, Asar, EX5.

4 gifts you would like to receive : SLR, handphone, LC, PS3.

4 of your favourite hobbies :
Online, gaming, makan, lepak.

4 places you want to go for vacation :
USA, Jepun, Makkah, Johor?

4 things always found in your bag :
Wallet, NK 3200, pendrive, habuk.

Top 4 you love so much :
Family, kawan, Her, RM.

Top 4 things special for you :
Macam di atas kot. Entah.

Top 4 who you would like to answer this survey : Aku malas. Tamat.


aZRi aZLaN said...

hahaha, jwpn yg agk ringkas tp padat dgn jwpn...

khairol.idzham said...

jangan membazir kertas.